Nantha Kumar

Nantha Kumar a Tamilian of South Indian origins comes from Singapore and is based in Spain Europe. Studied studying Carnatic Music at age of 7 and plays a wide range of drums and percussions of India. He also sings and has composed and collaborated with many artists from around the globe .

The genres and music styles includes Hindustani classical, Jazz, Flamenco ,African, Caribbean, Asian, Persian and South American music. A highly versatile musician of high caliber has collaborated and performed around the world in more the 45 countries with many artists and groups .

These includes artists like Ghanavenothan , Majid Derakhshani, Asiabeat, Sixun, Louis Winsberg jaleó project , Juan Manuel Cañizares, Kike Perdomo , Manglis Luis Cobo, Chano Domínguez, Tibetan singer Yungchen Llamo, L.Subramaniam, Ashok Pathak , Carita Boronska, Bidinte and Ara Malikian to name a few.