CARITA BORONSKA is a Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Writer/Arranger & Producer. Carita is also the founder of "The Tonetailor".

EU JAZZ WOMEN - Jazzy Women from North to South of Europe come together to collaborate in a common project.

MUKTI CHILL is mainly created by Carita Boronska (vocals/composition/songwriting/arranging/keys), Nantha Kumar (Tablas,Percussion,vocals, songwriting) and Carlos Koschitzky (Electronic programming/production). It is a chill out music project including influences of worldmusic, electronic elements mixed with oriental rythms, mantras and vocals as well as lyrics in different languages such as English, Spanish, Sanskrit, Tamil and Swedish..

VIBE LIVE ART is a new, fresh and original project  founden in 2017. It's a live-performance including Carita Boronska  (composer/singer-somgwriter/pianist) and the painter/artist Bengt Backlund. Together they perform and paint live   inspired by Charlie Chaplin and his movies.

NANTHA KUMAR is a Tamilian of South Indian origins comes from Singapore and is based in Spain Europe. The genres and music styles includes Hindustani classical, Jazz, Flamenco ,African, Caribbean, Asian, Persian and South American music. A highly versatile musician of high caliber has collaborated and performed around the world in more the 45 countries with many artists and groups . These includes artists like Ghanavenothan , Asiabeat, Sixun, Louis Winsberg jaleó project , Juan Manuel Cañizares, Kike Perdomo , Manglis Luis Cobo, Chano Domínguez, Tibetan singer Yungchen Llamo, L.Subramaniam, Ashok Pathak , Carita Boronska, Bidinte and Ara Malikian to name a few.

GLADSTON GALLIZA is a unique Brazilian Guitarist/Singer as well as Songwriter/Composer/Writer/Arranger/Producer, based in Madrid, Spain.

CHARLIE 4 TANGO is Sven Assarsson (Singer/Songwriter and Patric Andersson (Story & Lyrics) that through their songs tell their experiences as Swedish Veterans & soldiers in Peace missions at conflicted war zones mainly in Bosnia, Europe as well as Africa. 

It's a unique album, full of mixed feelings, tragedy and the problems that arise trying to deal with these war-traumas during and after the missions. The heavy lyrics (in Swedish) are often compensated by beautiful melodies and lighter harmonies... It's the first of it's kind on the Swedish market.