Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Producer

"Caritas music is profound jazz and fun at the same time!

It's easy to get into and slowly grows on you... a bit like hypnosis which the titel Hypnotic Soul also refers to."

Mikael Jensen / Danish Jazz Radio.

"Singer, Composer, Arranger and pianist. CARITA manages various styles of music such as; pop, jazz, dance, rock and singer-songwriter, all in an absolutely convincing way. She is one of the most complete artists on the Spanish scene."

(original text) "Cantante, compositora, arreglista y pianista, CARITA es capaz de abordar con absoluto convencimiento y dignidad los estilos más variados: pop, jazz, dance, rock, canción de autor…

Por todo eso, CARITA es una de las artistas más completas de la escena española."

Universal Spain

"Hypnotic Soul" is the latest album from the Swedish singer, composer, pianist and producer CARITA BORONSKA. A subtile album that sails on the elegance of Caritas voice from the soul, passing by the jazz and blues as well as pop to end up in a smooth jazz. Songs that speak of heart, soul to soul and hope as well as more complex social and global issues. We strongly recommend this album"

(original text) "Hypnotic soul es el título del último trabajo discográfico de la cantante, compositora, pianista y productora sueca CARITA BORONSKA.
Un álbum donde la artista escandinava navega con la sutileza y elegancia propia de su voz desde el soul al blues pasando por el pop, jazz, smooth jazz y el folk. Un disco que “habla de corazón a corazón, de alma a alma” y también toca temas más comprometidas. Toda una recomendación para escuchar"

Antonio Vázquez / EGO Choice (Hearst / Spain)

Hypnotic Soul

"She has a great connection to her musicians on stage, something the audience can feel and appreciate. Her female drummer is not only a great musician, together with Carita she brings joy and balance to the band"

  • Mikael Jensen / Danish Jazz Radio.

"El color fresco de una voz bien definida, limpia y llena de matices. A un concierto de una hora y media se le puede pedir inteligencia, gracia, swing, aventura, soul y riesgo" (Translation) "Fresh colors of a nicely defined voice, clean and full of shades. The performance is full of intelligens, joy, swing, adventure and risky moves"

  • Heraldo / Ocio Soria, Spain



LIVE  2019


This international band has found a true bond through Caritas Music and each musician is also a GREAT SOLO ARTIST in his/her own name.


The band plays a mix of Caritas original music as well as some covers with personal arrangements.


A new artistic proposal is born including original music by Carita Boronska combined with the paintings by Bengt Backlund... Inspired by the unique Charlie Chaplin, his films, his music and his messages to the world that are just as significant and profound today as it has ever been.

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